Bell-Horn :: Abdominal Binder

Abdominal Binder

The common use for abdominal supports for post-surgical dressings is augmented by their use as a simple abdominal support when loss of muscle tone is indicated. The woven abdominal supports are made of the finest woven elastic material, by weaving the elastic we ensure a better feeling, ...

Bell-Horn :: Abdominal Support

Abdominal Support

The common use for abdominal supports are for support when loss of muscle tone is indicated,however, with the Bell-Horn three panel design, this can also be used for post-surgical dressings. This abdominal support is designed for inconspicuous wear under clothing.



Contoured to the male body for maximum support and protection during sports activities.  Features Include: A comfortable 3" waistband and 3/4" legstraps Bell-Horn item 363 is the same support, but with the cup.

Bell-Horn :: Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar

Relief of muscle tension and/ or treatment of mimor neck injuries including automobile whiplash. Foam collar is ideal for night wear. It is washable and comes with a natural cotton stockinette. You can choose between the universal or sized styles.

No image available for the Clavicle Splint (sized)

Clavicle Splint (sized)

Designed to help keep shoulders back and limit clavicle movement during treatment of clavicular fractures. Large felt back panel for greater support. Four separate grip buckle adjustments provide an excellent fit and maintain even support. Foam padded shoulder straps for greater support.

Bell-Horn :: Cradle Arm Sling

Cradle Arm Sling

Traditional cradle arm sling in an adjustable universal design to fit most patients. Easy, fast,  simple application with D-rings and velcro-style closures. Made of nylon/cloth.

Bell-Horn :: Criss-Cross Back Support with Compression Strap

Criss-Cross Back Support with Compression Strap

Recommended for relief of lower back pain. Helps stabilize lumbar sacral, abdominal muscles and ligaments thereby reducing stress on the lower spine. Criss-Cross Back features one-way stretch elastic with hook and loop closures. 6" wide overlapping elastic band permit garment to fit a variety ...

Bell-Horn :: Deluxe Shoulder Immoblizer

Deluxe Shoulder Immoblizer

Used for treatment of shoulder dislocation, bursitis and for temporary immobilization of arm and shoulder. Wraparound chest band with shoulder strap provides maximum support and protection. The elastic wrist and humeral cuffs are sewm to the chest band and are adjustable by hook and loop ...

Bell-Horn :: Deluxe Sling & Swathe

Deluxe Sling & Swathe

Made of durable material for longer lasting wear. The long hand catch helps prevent wrist drop. A Comfortable pile/foam construction.

Bell-Horn :: Deluxe Tennis Elbow

Deluxe Tennis Elbow

Provides comfortable, firm support to stiff or aching elbows. Has an easy to adjust hook and loop closure.

Bell-Horn :: Deluxe Thumb Splint

Deluxe Thumb Splint

Protects the thumb with its lightweight, perforated outer shell. Has a cool terry liner with contact closure straps for a comfortable feel.

Bell-Horn :: Elastic Elbow

Elastic Elbow

Providing the firm support you need to relieve pain of sprains and strains. Made of genuine surgical material with seamless edges for greater comfort, support and durability. Provides support and relief to elbow joints, muscles and tendons. Lightweight for a comfortable fit.

Bell-Horn :: Envelope Arm Sling

Envelope Arm Sling

Traditional cradle arm sling in an adjustable universal design to fit most patients. Easy, fast, simple application with D-rings and velcro-style closures. Made of a cool breathable mesh.

Bell-Horn :: Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve

Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve

Premium cold therapy sleeve gently rolls on, completely covering your limb. The sleeve design is easy to use and stays in place. The 360-degree coverage treats the entire circumference of the injured area, delivering cold therapy deep into soft tissues where its needed. Our premium medical grade ...

Bell-Horn :: Heel / Elbow Support

Heel / Elbow Support

Helps to reduce pressure and chance of decubitus ulcers on ulcers on injured or sensitive heels or elbows. Plush pad encased in a pliable sock. Sold by the pair. Can either be used on the heel or the elbow.

Bell-Horn :: Hernia Guard

Hernia Guard

Provides comfortable, yet constant pressure to the hernia. Two uniquely shaped foam pads provide gradual pressure and support. It is woven for more durability and comfort with hook and loop for the perineal straps and offers a plush elastic waistband for better adjust-ability and comfort.

Bell-Horn :: Loving Comfort Postpartum Support

Loving Comfort Postpartum Support

The Loving Comfort Postpartum Support supports your abdomen after delivery, helping you return to your regular activities and wardrobe sooner. Ladies delivering C-Section and its firm, but gentle support especially helpful and comforting as they heal.

Bell-Horn :: PneuGel Tennis Elbow

PneuGel Tennis Elbow

The Universal PnueGel Elbow, comes with an air pack and a pump allowing for various amounts of pressure. The air pack contains gel which can be placed in the freezer for cold therapy. It provides comfortable, firm support to stiff or aching elbows. It has an easy to adjust hook and loop closure.

Bell-Horn :: Posture Support

Posture Support

this brace is designed to gently keep the shoulders back in proper posture control. High quality canvas back with a soft cotton lining. Reinforced design effectively helps restore appearance and reduc back strain.

Bell-Horn :: ProStyle Calf Sleeve

ProStyle Calf Sleeve

Provides constant compression to both calf and shin areas. Designed to aid recovery of minor strains and shin splints. ProStyle material adds the soothing warmth of neoprene with a soft terry-cloth lining.The ProStyle™ Calf Sleeve offers sizes up to double-extra large.

Bell-Horn :: ProStyle Tennis Elbow Sleeve

ProStyle Tennis Elbow Sleeve

ProStyle™ Tennis Elbow Sleeve offers compressive support for joints, muscles, ligaments. A tapered fit and loop lock compression strap assures that the correct amount of compression is applied to the elbow. ProStyle™ support offers a terry-lined "all weather" neoprene for maximum comfort.

Bell-Horn :: Rigid Stirrup Gel & Air Ankle Brace

Rigid Stirrup Gel & Air Ankle Brace

Recommended for acute injuries, or for tender and swollen ankles. The Rigid Stirrup Gel & Air Ankle Brace ofers two compartments, one of gel, one of air, which conform to the ankle, helping to ensure the patient receives a more comfortable fit. This brace can be used during athletic events ...

Rose Health Care :: Sitting Stepper

Sitting Stepper

Easy exercise - gentle rocking motion Helps increase blood flow, reduces leg swelling, numbness and leg cramps Durable light weight - folds for travel 10-1/2” w, folded - 5-1/2”)

Bell-Horn :: Suede Laced Wrist Support

Suede Laced Wrist Support

Designed with a removable aluminum insert that provides the necessary rigidity to stabilize the wrist and forearm following minor fractures, sprains, or after cast removal. Made of a resilient and durable suede material. Can be for left or right handed people.

Bell-Horn :: Swed*o Ankle Brace

Swed*o Ankle Brace

Featuring the patented Ankle Lok™ system which keeps the brace tighter longer. This ankle brace is 30% lighter and 50% thinner than conventional lace-up ankle braces. A full elastic back and seamless arch virtually eliminate the chance for blistering and the "Figure-8" straps mimic an athletic ...

Bell-Horn :: Tennis Elbow Splint

Tennis Elbow Splint

Designed to help relieve and prevent the pain of tennis elbow. The splint allows players with persistent pain to resume playing with virtually no pain and greatly reduces the chances for re injury.

Bell-Horn :: Tennis Elbow with Pad

Tennis Elbow with Pad

The strap helps provide temporary relief of pain due to tendonitis or tennis elbow. The compression pad adds even more support to ensure you stay at the top of your game. Support for tennis elbow plus any other activity that involves strain on the forearm muscles, including bowling, batting ...



The A-Force Dorsal Night Splint has been designed to hold the foot in a neutral position during sleep, thereby helping to alleviate the morning pain and discomfort associated with plantar faciitis. Also may be used for virtually and condition where stabilization of the ankle in a neutral position ...

Bell-Horn :: Universal Ankle Brace

Universal Ankle Brace

Recommended for protection against inversion sprains. Two polypropylene outer shells connected with a soft foot piece minimize rotation. The single piece design makes this brace much easier to apply, simply place the brace around your foot than you no longer have to hold two pieces together while ...

Bell-Horn :: Viscoelastic Elbow

Viscoelastic Elbow

Recommended for swollen or tender elbows resulting from sprains, strains, overuse, or sports injuries like tennis and golfer's elbow. Contains an oval-shaped viscoelastic insert that applies appropriate compression to help relieve strain. The lightweight and breathable material does not ...