Exercise / Rehab

Rose Health Care :: Handi-Exerciser


Easy to use hand exerciser Strengthens each finger individually Ideal for arthritic hand exercises Improves dexterity and hand strength 4 pounds of resistance per finger Ergonomic design with non-slip finger and palm pads

Nova Medical Products :: Nova Exercise Peddler-Digital

Nova Exercise Peddler-Digital

The Digital Exercise Peddler helps to increase strenth, improve coordination and circulation in the user's arms and legs. The foldable design is great for travel and compact storage. The large digital display records exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (RPM) and calories burned. ...

Graham-Field :: Pedal Floor Exerciser

Pedal Floor Exerciser

Safe and gentle form of low-impact aerobic exercise Stimulates circulation while toning leg/arm muscles Durable chrome finish Compact design for easy storage

Rose Health Care :: Power Putty

Power Putty

Power Putty is flexible silicone rubber that can be squeezed, stretched, and pulled to do twelve different exercises.  Power Putty strengthens all the muscles in the fingers and hands to develop strong, quick hands and improve dexterity and flexibility.  Recommended by hand ...

Rose Health Care :: Sit-N-Stroll Deluxe Foot Exerciser

Sit-N-Stroll Deluxe Foot Exerciser

Sit-N-Stroll Portable Foot Exerciser - The portable foot exerciser that improves lower-leg circulation wherever you are! -- Sit-N-Stroll is a simple, easy approach to better health that is recommended and approved by doctors. The Sit-N-Stroll provides the benefits of "walking" while you're sitting ...